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Yoga that changes with the times.

The wealth offered by Yoga Asana is a bottomless well of health and happiness. Sometimes it’s spicy with a taste of oriental belly dance. Sometimes it’s tough like the strength of a martial artist. And sometimes it’s soft like the sound of a monk’s om.

My practice aims to bring out the spice in yoga. My background in martial arts, my love for meditation, and my passion for bellydance all find space in my flows. While I lead vinyasa and restorative yoga, unconventional yoga combining dance and martial arts is a wonderful way to liven any practice.


Bellydance Infused Yoga


martial arts yoga

Martial Arts Infused Yoga



Yoga that comes to you wherever you work.


A long work day is known to cause some aches and pains. At the end of it, a workout may seem like yet another chore. To remedy that, let’s put the “work” in workout where it belongs — at the office! Enjoy a more fulfilling 9 to 5 and have more free time at night.

If you’re the workaholic who can’t let go of that report, no problem: bring it along while you stretch yourself out.

If you are stressing about that meeting—and on top of it, you forgot your mat—don’t worry. Just come as you are. Between you and the floor, there will be plenty for you to do.

If you are tired of sitting and antsy to get moving — awesome! Grab your mat and let’s get started.

Not sure if this is right for your office? No problem: request a demo and see for yourself.


Because yoga cannot be confined.


Bring the mat or lose it — anything goes, as long as we’re flowing through our yoga practice. Keep in touch for upcoming events and fun stuff to do under the sun and even by the water. Past events: Yoga+Hike; Yoga Meets Bellydance; Martial Arts Infused Yoga in the Park. Typical events include:

Bellydance Yoga-Fusion

Martial Arts Meet Yoga

Yoga Basics and Deep Stretch

Reiki Restorative Flow





Because you are unique.

Connect your personal goals with the right practice. Reducing stress, finding joy, improving physical health, and building strength are some of what a regular Yoga practice can give you. We are not all the same— each body and soul has unique needs. Private or small group lessons provide the personalized touch you need.